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Relume Repigmentation Phototherapy

Relume Repigmentation Phototherapy is a procedure used to treat stretch marks. Relume Repigmentation Phototherapy focuses concentrated ultraviolet-B (UVB) light onto the treatment area without exposure to the healthy surrounding tissue. The UVB light stimulates the production of melanin and melanocytes, so that the skin tone of the stretch marks blends in with the surrounding area.

Treatment requires no anesthesia, as there is generally no pain or discomfort during treatment. Between 10 to 20 treatments spaced bi-weekly will be necessary to achieve optimal results. Additionally, touch up treatments will be necessary on a monthly basis to retain the pigmentation.

The Relume system is used to treat skin imperfections where the pigmentation is light colored – such as scarring, stretch marks, Vitiligo, burns, resurfaced skin.


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